4 Simple Tree Care Tips From a Tree Service Provider

Simple Way of Taking Care of Your Trees

Trees may provide beauty, shade, peace, and house value to any property. Learn everything you can about tree management for your property because trees are very beneficial to maintaining health. Here are 4 simple tree care tips from a tree service provider.

Starting your landscape care, especially for new trees, in the fall

Many people put off planning their landscaping until spring, but experts know that getting a head start in the autumn may make springtime maintenance simpler and more enjoyable. When preparing your trees for colder weather, there are a few crucial procedures to follow.

Observe your trees

The easiest method to safeguard your trees may be to leave them alone, but it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on them so you can notice changes as they occur. Early detection of an unhealthy tree is ideal. You should keep an eye out for changes like quick yellowing and stunted development. When you consult an arborist, a professional in caring for trees, shrubs, and other woody plants, you may find it useful to know how your tree seemed when it was healthy.

Leave the trees alone

Trees can grow without humans. The majority of trees flourish where they are planted, yet occasionally people harm the plants they intend to display. Regularly parking a car below a tree can harm it because it compacts the soil too much, making it harder for the roots to spread out and move in the soil.

Weekly mulching and pruning

While you won’t need to do much to keep your trees healthy, it makes sense to take some simple precautions to ensure they last a lifetime. Surrounding the base of your trees with mulch is a great idea. Mulch will protect the tree from over-watering and over-fertilizing. Layer the mulch 2 to 3 inches thick and keep it away from the bark of the tree. Make sure to remove the older mulch before putting on a new layer.

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