It’s Time to Call a Tree Removal Contractor

Warning Signs That Your Tree Needs to Be Cut Down

When it comes to keeping your property, including the trees in your yard, safe and healthy, you as a homeowner must never let up. Certain indications that it’s time to remove a tree are fairly clear, like storm or disease-related damage that is readily apparent. However, other, more subtle indicators warrant attention. Four less obvious indicators that it’s time to hire a tree removal contractor are covered in this article.

Persistent Fungal Growth

Fungi can negatively impact your tree’s health and structural integrity when left unchecked. If you observe consistent fungal growth near your tree’s base or on its trunk over an extended period, it’s a sign that the tree may be rotting internally. Contacting a professional tree removal expert is highly recommended in such cases to evaluate the situation.

Leaning Over Time

A slight leaning of trees is expected as they grow toward sunlight. However, if you notice a gradual yet significant lean over time, its stability may be compromised due to weakened roots or internal decay—especially if visible roots are lifting out of the soil. An expert tree removal service can assess whether the tree poses a danger or needs removal.

Unusual Branch Growth Patterns

An often-overlooked warning sign involves abnormalities in branch growth patterns. For instance, trees with excessive crossing branches or “V” shaped crotches between multiple branches may be more susceptible to breaking during storms or strong winds. When detecting such irregularities in branch structure, consult with a professional arborist for advice.

Constricted Trunk Growth

A strong trunk is crucial for a tree’s overall stability, so hidden signs of weakness within the trunk are particularly concerning. One such indicator is constricted or pinched growth, often caused by girdling roots wrapping around the base of your tree. If treatment for this constriction is not received, the tree may die or become dangerous. If treatment is not received, this constriction may worsen the tree’s ability to absorb nutrients and water, and it may eventually die or become dangerous.

Taking prompt action when detecting these not-so-visible warning signs can save you time, money, and potential disaster. If you need a professional tree removal contractor in Brockton, MA, trust Nelman Tree Service Company to handle your needs with professionalism and exceptional care. Give us a call today at (508) 258-4042 for assistance with all your tree-related concerns.

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